Watched three episodes of the new Doctor Who at the weekend. So I have caught up. Part of the fun was spotting British acting talent popping in to play a cameo. In one episode Simon Pegg (Dead and Shawn of the Spaced) and Tamsin Greig (Black Wing and Green Books) appeared, playing to type. It was the episode that confirmed the axiom that technical support are promoted to management so that they are relegated to prevent harm, until it’s too late and they can’t prevent the emergency that will damage the company’s reputation.

Posted a translation exercise on my palm. Quite pleased with myself.

There is a problem with parking at the college. The cars overflow out of the carpark onto the driveway.

Library office is rearranged week from week. The office doors are kept open even when the heating fails, as it already has happened. The Hewitson Librarian is determined to re-arrange the office, uncovering new floor space to clean, much to the cleaning staff’s frustration.