I notice that Doobieous has befriended me in return. It was a possibility that I had been dreading slightly for a while. I mean, what if he saw the combination of colours I have his icon displayed on my friends’ page and didn’t like it? Eek! Overall, I think that they are better displayed on fiery bright orange. I tried imitating the marine colours from his journal page and I found that they clash. *Waves to Walang Pangalan*

On Friday Southern Dave sent me an email to announce that the Archives and Records Administrator position at the Southland District Council was being advertised that weekend. I wrote to the Human Resources Manager and got a job description in the mail the next day. I have been tweaking my CV – which hasn’t been updated in two years – and writing a covering letter. I showed them to the Archivist today and on her suggestion I have rewritten parts of it. I would like to get it away this week. The deadline closes on the 9th inst. I think that I have a good chance on getting an interview at least for this position. I don’t think that there would be many other applicants from Southland who have my experience. *Cross fingers*

The weather has turned to winter this week – good opportunity to get out and frequent warm buildings – like libraries.

Amazing Spider-Man: I know some readers are critical that Parker wouldn’t risk Mary-Jane and Aunt May’s safety by taking them to the Avengers’ Mansion so publically. I think the whole scenario was worth it just for the confrontation between Aunt May and Logan. The short-stop didn’t stand a chance. Nice how the story-line is playing on a real and credible fear in America at the moment – the smuggling of weapons of mass destruction. Mind you superhero comics has always been about mass destruction.
Ultimate Iron Man: I wonder where the writer is taking this story to?
Seventh Shrine: the conclusion to Robert Silverberg’s latest short story about Lord Valentine of Majipoor. Evocative of the language of these stories. It proved a nice format. I liked the conceptual art at the end. The characters were drawn in a style that reminded me of paintings from early America in dress and style. I had never thought of these characters like that so I found it quite pleasing.
Stormbreaker: mentioned only because it is the second-last issue in this mini-series. Beta Ray Bill is now last of the Korbinites.