Three programmes in a row that I wanted to watch.

Sea of Souls: the pilot of a new series – an underfunded research team at a Scottish university investigate past life recursion. Their holy grail is to find a case with no evidence of contamination by mundane means, there cannot be any relation between the present and past lives. Each member of the team are sceptical to varying degrees, their background stories left unexplained for the moment. The pilot was a ghost story done as a mystery, for the viewer to peal back layer by layer.

Artsville: Otherwise obscure tenor from Ashburton, New Zealand, lands a job in New York, as understudy to Placido Domingo playing Siegmund in Die Walküre. So that’s what the interior of the Metropolitan Opera House looks like. Their operas play every Sunday afternoon on ConcertFM. All that achievement to live in an expensive one room apartment in New York. Domingo appeared on camera, a very charismatic man.

Auschwitz: part one in a documentary series about one of the most inhumane memorials of the twentieth century.