Friday morning worked on the essays, filled out a bibliography and posted them away to the Open Polytechnic. That is the end of that course. I’m rather relieved. Walked into town and visited the Dunedin City Council Archives to get an idea how they differ to a religious. Very similar. Whereas the Presbyterian Archives deal with parish records they deal with records relating to property, museums, minutes, plans and photos. It meant I was quarter an hour late for a haircut so I had to wait another 20 minutes so I could slot in at a later time. I am nearly ready for my interview now.

Went into town to library on Saturday. First time in ages. Didn’t see anything I desperately wanted to borrow. Town mildly busy due to an upsurge of Otago and British tribals. Predictions of an invasion of balmy armistas greatly exaggerated, at least for this far south. Was picked up at Knox Corner to go to ten-pin bowling with Friend-Link.

In the evening a visit to the Observatory had been organised for the Opoho youth group. Decided it was worth tagging along. I haven’t been to an observatory in years. Got to see Jupiter (two grey bands and three moons – it’s very close to the moon on the elliptic plain at the moment, first of the bright stars in the sky); the Jewel Box in the Southern Cross (beautiful, like a scattering of dust), and the twin stars of Alpha Centauri, Rigel Kent. There is talk about coming back in summer to see Saturn – I’ve seen it once, it’s worth the effort, moons and rings!

According to the Abrahamic accounts the first refugee became the father of the Arab nation. I sat at the back of the church today with Graeme. He is not feeling well, especially complaining about the cold. Eventually he went through to the church hall and sat next to a heater.