Tomorrow Invercargill. The archivist and I sat down at lunchtime and discussed interview questions. She asked after Mike. I would have pointed to A public secret, but some clever little gnome at telecom put a shovel through a cable somewhere so there was no internet. No EFTPOS either. Fortunately I had some money on me to pay for lunch. She had not realised Mike had been out of Dunedin for twelve months. I’m sure he will phone eventually. Or Else!

Since I attempted to open the application form from the Southland District Council using KWord I have started having hiccoughs with it. Suddenly it will autosave and the bottom of the document will be below the frame and the page won’t scroll down to show it to me. The cursor can go down, but I can’t see it. I might try an update to see if that will help. If not I will have to re-organise my document information.