So I’m back. I had my interview. On the strength of it I don’t expect to get the position. I was thrown by one question “Do I have any suggestions on a strategem for converting metadata to computer?” My mind went blank. I have been dwelling on it since. Also my interview was delayed quarter of an hour while they were still talking to another candidate who had driven down from Dunedin that day. The interviewing panel were very sympathetic. I will hear either way next Wednesday. Can’t completely rule it out yet.

Traveled to Invercargill in the Catch-a-Bus minivan. I was the only one who was not going down for the Southland-Lions rugby match. Reports have it that bar owners around Invercargill were pleased by the visit of the Lions Fans who proved to be exemplars of British courtesy and queue-forming even when the taverns and bars spilled out onto the streets. It should be pointed out the popular name for the Hiberno-Britannic visiters, the “Barmy Army”, is an Australian invention.

Mother, Tim, and Jolls Major encountered during visit and all are well and in good health.

Watched the second half of the first season again with Dave. I am going to miss Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor. He was so much fun. He will count highly among my favorite Doctors. I am a little disturbed by the ending of the final episode. The Daleks are defeated only after the death of all the defenders and a firebombing of the earth so complete that the continents are unidentifable, the loss of tens of billions of lives. Only two survivors: the Doctor and his companion. At least we know from context that there are off-world survivors in the colonies and the National Trust will restore the earth to its ‘classic’ form.

Starting of the first new season of Doctor Who on free-to-air television in New Zealand is the Seventh of July. Despite having seen them all already I will plan to watch them on TV to keep the statistics favorable.