Quite amused. I don’t usually post quiz results. I noticed What kind of goth are you? posted on a couple of journals. I don’t consider myself gothic: I’m too mainstream, my most prefered counter-culture is church-based, my favorite colour is yellow (look at my journal pages and fear the glory of legal paper yellow), and I find find that charcoal gray is better at hiding cat hairs than dead black.

So I was amused to get this result. “A New Agey Goth: Bet you practice Wicca or Paganism or possibly more liberal Christianity. You probably love Dead Can Dance, anything ethereal, and might be vegetarian. You probably also like to hug people.”

Well, yes, I am a liberal christian. I laughed when I read that result. I haven’t the faintest idea who Dead Can Dance are, although I enjoy some ambient music. I am not vegetarian, and I only hug friends when I feel they need one. I am very restrained in that way.