Knock on my door last night after eleven. Fortunately I was still up. It was my neighbour, a woman whom I know from church. She asked if I would come help push a car. It was parked diagonally across the pavement and onto the street. The driver, a young chinese man, was having trouble with his battery. He wanted us to push him onto the road so he could ride it downhill and get his battery going again. We gave him a push. He was having trouble steering and bumped into a fence across the road, fortunately without doing any damage. We found out later that he had not put the key in the ignition and the steering was locked as we pushed it. I waited in the night as my neighbour took him up to his flat to find someone with an AA account. She got back first. His keys were still in the ignition (he had tried starting it after it had hit the fence). She got it going and parked it on the curbside. The man was most impressed when he turned up with his landlady and managed to drive it away.

Is evangelical or fundamentalist religious goth a contradiction?

Should point out that there was a lot that I liked about The Parting of the Ways, the finale of the new Doctor Who season. It’s just that the Daleks are only defeated after a massive loss of life and even then the Doctor chooses not to destroy them as to not become one of them. The strength of the relationship between the Doctor and Rose is a pleasure. I don’t object to the kiss. It felt right this time, not like in the movie. I hope that they make David Tennent’s Doctor distinct from Christopher Eccleston. I would at least like to see a costume change, he would look better out of that sweater.

I haven’t seen any indication from the Whovian community that this is the second time that Russ T. Davies has used the name Rose for a lead character. To this day I still think the protest with the bus is the funniest thing I have ever seen. It makes me smile everytime I think about that scene.