God is a wabe. A wabe goes way before and way behind and way beyond. The term was coined by Lewis Carroll. Religious people think that their institutions are a wabe too. They often prove not to be. Today the Opoho Association of Presbyterian Women (APW) formally dissolved and handed over their special suitcase of papers to the Archivist. The members were too old to continue their organisation. All that remains is their fellowship.

Eventually even gods will die.

Graeme decided to go out to the church hall and sit over a heater. It was a cold day with snow on the hills. A member from the congregation sat with him and made sure he didn’t set himself alight. He celebrated his fifty-fifth birthday this week and was telling everyone about it. One of his presents was a cigarette lighter which he had with him. He hopes that I will buy him something. There is a church midwinter dinner next Saturday and he hopes to go.

I was waiting for the taxi at the supermarket this evening. After twenty minutes waiting in the dark I went in and rang them again. Normally I would have expected the taxi to have arrived after about fifteen minutes. There was a little delay in answering the call, I was queued for less than a minute. A taxi had not yet been committed to collect us. We waited ten minutes longer. After thirty minutes Joe decided to walk home. He was getting too cold to tolerate waiting. The duty person noticed that I was still there at closing time and rang them again. By this time I was on the verge of beginning to shiver. A taxi arrived. The driver was concerned that I had been waiting for so long and promised to investigate and give someone a rark-up. I gave him the supermarket taxi voucher when we arrived home. It wasn’t a voucher for his company. He took it anyway. I was waiting fifty minutes for a taxi and was finally delivered home by a different taxi service! That is ridiculous service!

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