The Last Bag End Comic Book Stash

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These were backdating before I discovered that Bag End was closing. I decided to save them until the shop became the Late, Great Bag End Comics and Books. Here’s the list in alphabetical order:

Enter if you dare

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Quite proud of myself. I decided last week to start organising a candidates meeting. I went into the Labour Party office in North Dunedin and established the 27th of August as a date for the meeting. Today the Prime Minister announced the election day for the 17th of September. I got in first!

In the beginning, Creation

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Weird happenings: the Lords of the Instrumentality of Wikipedia are debating whether the entries relating to Ill Bethisad content are worthy of continued inclusion. Looking at it I would not be unduly if the Brithenig page was removed. It’s an imaginary language with one fluent speaker and I will continue to develop it whether Wikipedia deigns to preserve the page or not. Removal of the “Ill Bethisad” page would be a bigger disappointment as it is a shared project with 30-odd contributors around the world at various times on different internet forums.

If Wikipedia failed to keep some examples to amateur hobbyists in esoteric fields I would be disappointed. The concept of notability is ambiguous. There is no measure to it. I imagine that compared to some controversies Wikipedia faces this is a storm in a petri dish.

I kept thinking that this would be the last week that Bag End would be open, but that’s next week, a good thing too or else I would have got my dates seriously confused. When I visited it on Friday the owners of Toast were standing outside. I imagine that they were wondering if it was the new venue for their cafe after the fire around the corner at Bracken Court. Michael made arrangements so I could continue buying comics from Graphic Comics. Halved the titles I was collecting and forgot to add Neverness to my list. On reading the first issue I’m glad I did, it’s just wrong. The most glaring example is the Marquis de Carabas drawn as a eighteenth century aristo with an inked-out face.

A busy weekend: Friend-Link organised a Midwinter function for their clients with music and afternoon tea on Saturday. Then Opoho church has organised a winter festival and art exhibition in the church. The art is provided by a friend of the minister; photogrammes, which are produced by lying plants on special photographic paper and exposing it to the light. The effect is rather curious. Events follow for the rest of the week at 7:30 in the evening, except for Wednesday as the person organising it was involved in a road accident and shattered his thumb. A concert was held this afternoon. I especially enjoyed ‘Kolomeike, arranged by Margolis’; it made me want to get up and dance.

A drippy nose turned into a chesty cough over the weekend. Probably my body is stripping my windpipe to get rid of an infection.

Watched the second season pilot of Battlestar Galactica. I’m trying to figure out how the Cylons used a computer virus to attack the Galactica’s jerry-rigged computer network with no physical contact. It must be bad science when I start wondering things like that.

Bracken burning

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Smoke over Dunedin as a building went up in smoke. I saw it as I walked up George Street, a column of smoke rising over the city. Bracken Court on the southside of Lower Moray Place was aflame in minutes and threatened the buildings around it. The surrounding buildings were closed off and evacuated.

It meant I did not get into Bag End to buy my last comic stash – I will try again on Friday. I passed people standing at the corner of Moray place and Princess Street taking photos with their cell phones. Rather ghoulish I thought. The photos were circulating around Dunedin Offices within minutes. The tower of flames could be seen around the city.

I am told that the neon sign for the cafe on the ground floor stayed on as the upper storeys caught fire. Ironically it is called Toast. The building was bombarded with water until the gutters overflowed.

The archives is indirectly affected because a neighbouring building in risk of catching fire in turn is Parry House where the records for the Synod of Otago and Southland are held. Apparently the flames would have been seen from the Synod Clerk’s office directly opposite.

After going to the gym I walked up to Mornington for a meeting, the second time in the last seven days. I missed the corner I wanted and had to walk back about four blocks.



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The wind is strong enough that it has brought down trees; and now that it is raining, no good for doing any washing.

Had an enjoyable time on Sunday listening to War of the Worlds on the radio. The script was the Orson Wells version, the narrator, Professor Pierson, presumably Wells’s part, was voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Other voices were provided by Gates McFadyen, Will Wheaton, Brent Espiner, Dwight Schultz and Armin Shimmermann. Yes, a radio play for Trekkies! Great fun, I can see why gullible listeners sixty years ago fell for the hoax and fled screaming for the hills. Ironically the only survivor is the Trekker from the original series (well, duh!) I have heard a section from the original radio play once, the reporter at the pit, in that version a male voice, here played by Gates McFadyen. It plays again on National Radio, Wednesday evening, after the nine o’clock news.

Pentecost 9 – Maori Language Week


Quiet weekend, I have the house to myself, a pleasure. Joe should be home sometime tonight.

visited UBS and bought my copy of the doorstop. I had it on order. I think I was the last person to get into the shop. They were closing at three in the afternoon after a successful day. Read bits of it on the way home. The first chapter was an interview between the Minister of Magic and the Prime Minister. Now I’m puzzled how the British magical community governs itself as the head of ministry is not a government appointee. Does the magical community dictate policy on the non-magical majority, even during a dark lord crisis?

I visited the City (of) Birds exhibition. A display of nearly eighty species of birds in photos and stuffed birds. A pleasure for a quick browse; must go back for another look, and a copy of the guide that accompanies the exhibition. Recommended.

In the evening I got to the Live Action Role Play (LARP). It was slow to start and I was slow to get into character. Three people didn’t manage it and opted out. Unfortunately two of them were crucial characters. One preferred to read through a copy of the new doorstop. Once the scenario got moving it proved to be entertainlng: election night for a senator candidate in a Midwest mansion, unfortunately political power is not enough for him and events begin to unravel when a bloody pentagram turns up in the master bedroom… Who is a feuding cultist, an agent of the righteous, or an ignorant election-night party-goer? Everyone is suspect!

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I spoke to Pr. Geering after the lecture and asked him if he would be visiting the Archives while he was in Dunedin. Unfortunately he was leaving Dunedin the next morning. He asked whether the Hewitson library would be interested in receiving a copy of self-published book he had done for his late wife. I encouraged him to send a copy. I asked him what he planned to do with his papers. He said that he planned to donate them to Victoria University where much of his latter work was done. I told him that the archives would be interested in receiving his Presbyterian papers and he said that he would consider it.

The college flew the New Zealand flag at half-mast for a couple of days this week. Presumably it was for the London dead. Apparently the Prime Minister had put out a request for government departments to make this gesture.

The library association visited the Hewitson on Wednesday evening, including some of the archives mafia from Hocken. They were shown around library and the archives. I made sure that I was on hand and they were well received.

Joe is gone down to Invercargill as his mother is now in a nursing home.

After gym last night I walked out to Mornington for a meeting, from Moray Place up High Street to Crosby Street. I did it forty minutes. Our parish clerk has been at home for three weeks with a bronchial infection, and even collapsed during the week.

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