Residents away from the college. Foyer was waxed and polished during the week. Very slippery, even with good tread.

The winds toppled the clothes horse outside that I use for drying my clothes. It happened in the middle of the night. I went out and secured it out of the doorway. Brought a handful of clothing in that had scattered. Didn’t bother uprighting it. It could stay until morning. Proved to be good drying weather.

It took three of us to find a marriage register as a page of metadata had disappeared from the folder and it proved to be the only copy. Eventually the register was found and the page turned up again. A second copy was found and put in the filing cabinet.

Joe put on Shaun of the Dead while I served tea. What a hoot! Turned out to be different to what I thought. The impression I got was that Shaun (Simon Pegg) would be trying to hold down a nine-to-five job in a world where everyone else as become a zombie. Instead it turned out to be a classic ‘Night of the Dead’ movie: mysterious plague is turning the infected dead into zombies; bunch of sad London gits must survive the movie (typically holding out in a pub). There is not much difference between Shaun’s day job and the average zombie (btw what happened to the rest of the staff at the tv-store where he works, I don’t think that they are seen again). Guest appearances of Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton as Shaun’s parents. Penelope Wilton (“Harriet Jones, Flydale North”) is a character actress I have started spotting, funny with lots of nervous energy. The character Ed survives the movie remarkably well, all things considered.

Visited the Hodge-Odeum to watch a couple of DVDs on big screen projector. Flash Gordon (1980), oh my god, 1980s softcore corn! The beige mini-van! The studly heroes! The undying romantic dialogue! The famous soundtrack (including an electronic wedding march)! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! And Run, Lola, Run. Usually I avoid gimmicky movies like this. Don’t ask me why, I just do. Really the whole thing works. The plot is tight, comes together, and uses the alternative endings that Lola and Manni bring into being a comprehensive story. It’s shamelessly cartoony. I want to see it again, this time in the original German dialogue with soundtracks, I think that it will be better than the dubbed English version.