At one point Lola ran past a graffitied wall. I shouted out “Bad Wolf!” and everyone got the reference. Is that disturbing?

Didn’t go to Opoho’s Winter Dinner on Saturday night. I hadn’t organised to go so I stayed home and made tea for the flat instead. I understand an enjoyable time was had by all who attended.

Southern Dave has sent me the Hypercronian Documents. Despite being typed up on one of the most incompable computers to anything else in the known software universe (the SORD) I found I could open them with KWrite and convert them into HTML so I can edit them. Rather nice to see them again. Editing the first one is proving to be a nice divertissement.

Glenaven hosted the service for Pride Week this evening. Very sincere service. Didn’t stay for the potluck, instead I met Joe at the supermarket. He had successfully got everything I asked him to get and was on his way up the hill when I met him.

Very amusing. Fremen was sitting on top of my monitor and seemed to be watching the characters appear on the screen as I typed from line to line.

Been having trouble this weekend with keys that are sticking. Noticed it when I couldn’t get Endeavour to accept my logon password. I wonder if I need a new keyboard.

The shelves and the window in the Archives basement office and the pipes overhead are all being cleaned thoroughly at the moment. I worked upstairs in the reading room today, started listing the writers and articles in …Push. A lot of dust removed from the pipes and coal dust from the window (the coal supply for the college furnace is only a few metres away from our window which means we keep it permanently closed because of the smell and dust). In comparison the shelves were remarkably clean. Stuff must get moved off them often enough and there must be enough files and books on them to stop the dust from accumulating.

Have to do my tax returns before Thursday. I’m hoping that it shouldn’t be too hard.