City wrapped up in cotton wool. The mist permanently lingering over the north end, rising and falling as the air takes it. Raw cold. Three days of this are predicted. (Forecasters are also advising the motorists to avoid the moon of blood.)

Joe examined my keyboard and declared it dead. Several keys (c, l, n, s) have decided only to work if the keyboard is bashed several times. So we have plugged in an old keyboard. I have been using an ergonomic keyboard for so long that an ordinary keyboard feels cramped. And the keys sound noisy when I type – especially the space bar. Have to buy a new keyboard.

I visited Bag End today and discovered that Mike the shop manager was laying out Closing Down Sale signs. They go up tomorrow. The final day Bag End will be open is 29th inst. Readers in Dunedin are encouraged to take advantage of discounted stock. I am debating whether to take up an offer to transfer my comic orders to Graphic Comics in Wellington, or whether to allow my comic book collecting to lapse. It would save some expenses on my low income, yet there are some titles I would like to read.