London bombings on tv, the British people respond with resolve. Commentators are gobsmacked as the British rise to meet a crisis without retreating into hysteria. I do not know whether any of my British relatives were affected in the attacks as I don’t have an email address for them. Eventually my mother will get in touch with me, she is recovering from an operation and is not at home. I will ask her when she phones me again.

Two people have said to me that they know people who would have been passing through those stations on any other working day.

Archives staff heard on Friday that the Principal’s Assistant of the School of Ministry has tabled his intention to resign from his position. He is an very nice man in an untenible position. The Archivist is upset because she feels part of the responsibility for events reaching this point lies with her.

Visited Hodge to watch a movie. Noboby had seen The High Crusade before so it was chosen. It proved to be great fun as a party of characters who were essentially the cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail were abducted by alien invaders. General silliness ensues. Watch as the idiot English lord and his levy of thirty men run down six dwarvish aliens with fire cannons; the sado-masochist torturers (very funny); the mincing French troubador; the general background kinkiness. My biggest complaint would be that Lady Winchester could have been a lot more shrewish. A browse at suggests that anyone who has read the original book by Poul Anderson first should avoid this adaption.