Last week MP Ashraf Chowdry ran into the conflict that many liberal(?) religionists face. Just because it is the eternal word inscripted does not been the believer is going to follow it to the letter; nor does it mean that the believer wishes it retracted.

The theologian Lloyd Geering was present at Opoho on Sunday. Given his reputation it was ironic that it was Bible Sunday. The lesson that I read included 2 Timothy 4:3-4. After I sat down I wondered if I should apologize to him and assure him that it was not personal, merely the reading for the day. Although he did not speak publically and left after the service he was well received by members of the congregation who remember him from his time as parish minister.

Watched the second two thirds of Signs. Very confused movie. It should have been a big scale invasion of worlds movie instead it focussed on a family in a house in a crop field. As well as the story of an alien invasion there was a subplot about a lapsed priest reconciling himself to the death of his wife and his return to faith – I guess that he must have been Episcopalian. Definitely a believer’s movie. Some genuinely scarely moments involving things skittering in the darkness and hands reaching out of shadows and under doors, echos of Gremlins or Marianne Dreams (anyone else remember this children’s series from the 1970s? I found the book in the children’s stack of the library today).