Examining imdb.com turned up the reference that Marianne Dreams was turned into a children’s series in 1972 called Escape into Night. Unfortunately this was just before the BBC started archiving their own productions. (I wonder if TVNZ still have it somewhere in their vaults?) This is a blast from the past when making children’s programmes was a serious business.

Now what was the name of that series where the protagonists, a father and a son, were trapped in an English village surrounded by a henge? It involved atomic clocks…

Went to an open lecture by Lloyd Geering. He covered the Geering debate from his perspective. Nothing new there. His lecture covered the history of the church in New Zealand from triumphal body at the beginning of the century to a marginalised sect by the century’s end. His prediction: that fundamentalists will dominate the remaining church bodies, institutionalists will lean towards orthodoxy and toe the line, experimentalists will continue to leave, if they haven’t already gone.

(The outlook for experimentalists and unorthodox institutionalists seeking a community of which to be part is not optimistic.)

Replacing god-talk is language about living and being. The church’s greatest gift to New Zealand will be legacy of “Christian values”: love, fairness, justice, care for the environment, etc. These values have gone beyond the boundaries of the church into a post-Christian society. His greatest fear is that knowledge which bequeathed these values to society, and what they represent, will be lost, and with that loss, the Jewish and Christian traditions as well.