I spoke to Pr. Geering after the lecture and asked him if he would be visiting the Archives while he was in Dunedin. Unfortunately he was leaving Dunedin the next morning. He asked whether the Hewitson library would be interested in receiving a copy of self-published book he had done for his late wife. I encouraged him to send a copy. I asked him what he planned to do with his papers. He said that he planned to donate them to Victoria University where much of his latter work was done. I told him that the archives would be interested in receiving his Presbyterian papers and he said that he would consider it.

The college flew the New Zealand flag at half-mast for a couple of days this week. Presumably it was for the London dead. Apparently the Prime Minister had put out a request for government departments to make this gesture.

The library association visited the Hewitson on Wednesday evening, including some of the archives mafia from Hocken. They were shown around library and the archives. I made sure that I was on hand and they were well received.

Joe is gone down to Invercargill as his mother is now in a nursing home.

After gym last night I walked out to Mornington for a meeting, from Moray Place up High Street to Crosby Street. I did it forty minutes. Our parish clerk has been at home for three weeks with a bronchial infection, and even collapsed during the week.