Quiet weekend, I have the house to myself, a pleasure. Joe should be home sometime tonight.

visited UBS and bought my copy of the doorstop. I had it on order. I think I was the last person to get into the shop. They were closing at three in the afternoon after a successful day. Read bits of it on the way home. The first chapter was an interview between the Minister of Magic and the Prime Minister. Now I’m puzzled how the British magical community governs itself as the head of ministry is not a government appointee. Does the magical community dictate policy on the non-magical majority, even during a dark lord crisis?

I visited the City (of) Birds exhibition. A display of nearly eighty species of birds in photos and stuffed birds. A pleasure for a quick browse; must go back for another look, and a copy of the guide that accompanies the exhibition. Recommended.

In the evening I got to the Live Action Role Play (LARP). It was slow to start and I was slow to get into character. Three people didn’t manage it and opted out. Unfortunately two of them were crucial characters. One preferred to read through a copy of the new doorstop. Once the scenario got moving it proved to be entertainlng: election night for a senator candidate in a Midwest mansion, unfortunately political power is not enough for him and events begin to unravel when a bloody pentagram turns up in the master bedroom… Who is a feuding cultist, an agent of the righteous, or an ignorant election-night party-goer? Everyone is suspect!