The wind is strong enough that it has brought down trees; and now that it is raining, no good for doing any washing.

Had an enjoyable time on Sunday listening to War of the Worlds on the radio. The script was the Orson Wells version, the narrator, Professor Pierson, presumably Wells’s part, was voiced by Leonard Nimoy. Other voices were provided by Gates McFadyen, Will Wheaton, Brent Espiner, Dwight Schultz and Armin Shimmermann. Yes, a radio play for Trekkies! Great fun, I can see why gullible listeners sixty years ago fell for the hoax and fled screaming for the hills. Ironically the only survivor is the Trekker from the original series (well, duh!) I have heard a section from the original radio play once, the reporter at the pit, in that version a male voice, here played by Gates McFadyen. It plays again on National Radio, Wednesday evening, after the nine o’clock news.