Weird happenings: the Lords of the Instrumentality of Wikipedia are debating whether the entries relating to Ill Bethisad content are worthy of continued inclusion. Looking at it I would not be unduly if the Brithenig page was removed. It’s an imaginary language with one fluent speaker and I will continue to develop it whether Wikipedia deigns to preserve the page or not. Removal of the “Ill Bethisad” page would be a bigger disappointment as it is a shared project with 30-odd contributors around the world at various times on different internet forums.

If Wikipedia failed to keep some examples to amateur hobbyists in esoteric fields I would be disappointed. The concept of notability is ambiguous. There is no measure to it. I imagine that compared to some controversies Wikipedia faces this is a storm in a petri dish.

I kept thinking that this would be the last week that Bag End would be open, but that’s next week, a good thing too or else I would have got my dates seriously confused. When I visited it on Friday the owners of Toast were standing outside. I imagine that they were wondering if it was the new venue for their cafe after the fire around the corner at Bracken Court. Michael made arrangements so I could continue buying comics from Graphic Comics. Halved the titles I was collecting and forgot to add Neverness to my list. On reading the first issue I’m glad I did, it’s just wrong. The most glaring example is the Marquis de Carabas drawn as a eighteenth century aristo with an inked-out face.

A busy weekend: Friend-Link organised a Midwinter function for their clients with music and afternoon tea on Saturday. Then Opoho church has organised a winter festival and art exhibition in the church. The art is provided by a friend of the minister; photogrammes, which are produced by lying plants on special photographic paper and exposing it to the light. The effect is rather curious. Events follow for the rest of the week at 7:30 in the evening, except for Wednesday as the person organising it was involved in a road accident and shattered his thumb. A concert was held this afternoon. I especially enjoyed ‘Kolomeike, arranged by Margolis’; it made me want to get up and dance.

A drippy nose turned into a chesty cough over the weekend. Probably my body is stripping my windpipe to get rid of an infection.

Watched the second season pilot of Battlestar Galactica. I’m trying to figure out how the Cylons used a computer virus to attack the Galactica’s jerry-rigged computer network with no physical contact. It must be bad science when I start wondering things like that.