These were backdating before I discovered that Bag End was closing. I decided to save them until the shop became the Late, Great Bag End Comics and Books. Here’s the list in alphabetical order:

Amazing Spider-Man: story escalates with nice twist in the tail
Angel: I liked this. It continues where the series left off. Keep.
Araña, Amazing Fantasy (#9-10), Astonishing X-Men: Good stuff, but not on my keep list
Conan and the Jewels of Gwahlur: happy to have the complete set of this. Craig Russel has not compromised his artistic style nor the story.
Escapist Mr. Machine Gun: dark little story done in nostalgic comic style. Too expensive to continue collecting.
Imaginaries I’m not sure if I added this to my new keep list. I will have to wait and see.
Neverwhere: the characters just look wrong to me. I prefer the original tv series.
Rann-Thanagar War (#2-3): gradually picking up, but I prefer the earlier Adam Strange mini-series.
Serenity: interesting, needs a second look.
Shanna the she devil: I have all but the last issue of this bimbo mini-series. Frank Cho has a thing for spurting eyes and entrails.
Shaun of the Dead: I want the rest of this film adaption, so faithful to the original.
Stardust Kid: Want more! Want! Want! Want!
Stormbreaker and Strange: end of two mini-series. Both are beginnings of varying qualities.
Supreme Power: the story gets darker – is it actually going anywhere?
Walking Dead: (#19-20): waiting for these to come out as trade paperbacks.</lj-cut)