Candidates Meeting

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If the reader is interested, and is local, there will be a political candidates’ meeting at Opoho Presbyterian Church on Thursday 1st September, 7.30 pm, at Opoho Presbyterian Church, corner of Signal Hill Road and Farquharson Street.

My Geek Mojo is bigger than Southern Dave’s!

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Geek Lore Quiz

A requiem for Brother Roger


Last week, on Tuesday the founder of the Taize movement, Brother Roger, was stabbed during a religious service and died. I don’t think the news has been widely broadcast. He was about 90 years old. A Frenchman who worked actively for rescuing Jews in WWII he made a commitment for peace by working for the reconciliation of Christians. The Taize movement which he founded united simple liturgical chant, contemplative silence and religious iconography. It was successful as a form of worship and widely emulated among small groups around the world. I understand in his later years Brother Roger converted from Reformed Protestantism to Catholicism. He did not court controversy as many religious leaders have done. Simplicity was his gospel. His death caught many by surprise.


I know I’m being geeky when the most fun I’m having is reloading the IBWiki so I can check for the latest talk about Traci the Vompire Hunter.

Singing a New Song

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At church on Sunday we stood for a moment’s silence in respect for dead xPM David Lange (Mi alasharia la shantih, shantih, shantih). This was before news of his death was widely disseminated so members of the congregation were surprised to hear of it.

First essay of the semester is now out of the way. Very pleased to post about 1100 words away. It took longer than it should have done (oooh, shiney!) Ah, the joys of a tolerant employer!

After all this I can now set my mind to an overnight visit from my Wellingtonian brother on Friday night.

The Great Smithzo


Xtra is distributing a personalised leaflet drop to householders who have a ‘need for speed’.

My money is on the human cannonball.

Peace Sunday

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Radio NZ is using the BBC World Service as its scabs again.

Heady days for Southern Brewers

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A Majellan player made the front page of the OdDiTy as Emersons won the New Zealand Beer Awards.

Ten days until my next assignment is due and counting.

In the end

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Very confused to wake up this morning to BBC World News. Wondered if there had been another terrorist attack somewhere. Changed from ConcertFM to National Radio for more information. It turns out that National Radio had no news broadcasts as due to industrial action. Instead they were broadcasting BBC. Concert gets its news broadcast from National. I flipped back to the other station.

It’s not the worst that’s ever happened on my radio. Once I left it set to National overnight and I woke up at seven in the morning with Don Brash speaking on the radio *shudder*