The Candidate meeting was a success. The newspaper said about 60 people attended, I would suspect it was higher. This makes it one of the better supported political meetings around the city. I think that reflects the interest in the local community, and the effort that we go to promote it. We had six candidates attending: United Future, Alliance, Labour, ACT, Green and National. The Alliance candidate phoned me on the day and turned up for the occasion, we hadn’t invited him as the party is not represented in Parliament. He certainly knew how to rant, and stimied the United Future candidate who was sitting next to him. Each of the candidates reflected the ethos of their party, ranging from proficient, nice, indifferent, to cold fish.

The Axe-man mentioned on his journal that the ACT candidate looks like the character Logan from Veronica Mars. I will leave it for the fans to decide.

Next up is the church fair on Saturday. (Another leaflet drop – wheeee!)