Presbyterianism to Jesuistry: A Handmaiden’s Journey

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New Zealand’s leading opposition party plums the depths of silliness by appointing a shadow minister of Political Correctness Irradication. No free steak knives anymore! Imagine it: the Shadow Ministry of Political Incorrections! Where’s the application forms for that department?! I wanna apply for a job! The media are having a field day. Whose shadow is this guy cast from? Apparently they are targetting women and maori – the ministry of youth is an acceptable mainstream New Zealand minority.

Classic quote from one Tory commentator: “The disabled will have to learn that it’s a tough world out there”. If anyone knows about a fund to sponsor the first bus to hit Alan Duff would they let me know. I contribute a fiver.

EFTPOS machines in New Zealand read Accepted. I have been told that in Australia they read Approved. Sounds rather big-brotherish. You Have Been Approved, Citizen. Have A Nice Day!

Dude, where’s my email?


Private Message to Jumpgate: Fluffy appears to be down. No luck in pinging it. Dark. No email. *twitch, twitch*

All. Hail. The. Flying. Spaghetti. Monster.

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I was told about this wonderful new belief several weeks ago and must put a link in because I’ve been spreading the Good News about His Noodliness.

(I guess most people have heard of it anyway.)

Take me to the Rock

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Some muzak is evil. I left a store while this one was beginning – it’s a favourite – and I was singing it for most of the day.

Show me the sights

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Jennie arrived at the Archives to take the Archivist to lunch.

“She’s come to take you away,” I observed.

“Ha, ha!”

"he, he!"

“I wanted to slap him”

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This is what it takes to stand up to stand up to the Lord of the Free Empire. The woman should be given a medal, or at least be allowed to first dibs at being within an arm’s reach of him!

Link from Russel Brown’s Hard News, among others.

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Archives staff have been on a rough road. A regular volunteer lost her father, the research archivist her father-in-law, as well as several staff members being closely affected by the death of a Catholic sister recently. For those who knew her it was a black thread in her life. Recently the archivist has been concerned about the health of her octogenerian mother…

The archives has been quiet this week with the ARANZ conference in Wellington. Both the archivist and the assistant archivist away.

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I’m feeling rather good (you pervert!) My second assignment for this paper went in this week. I have five weeks to the next one. Although this one didn’t have a word count the next one has two 1k essays (blergh!)

Need to do a Excel tutorial so that I can master it.

Been to the library for a bit of R’n’R. Read the intros of two books last night, both first in a series. Time by Stephen Baxter begins with two gobsmacking preludes to what looks like a well-crafted piece of universe spanning hard Science Fiction. Artemis Fowl by Eion Colfer is proved to be fun with a twelve-year old criminal mastermind hunting fairies in Ho Chi Minh City in the first chapter. The kind of charming character who could backstab Tom Riddle. I think he could paste the Potter kid on any page-by-page comparison. *Come to the dark side, Luke, it rocks! (Darth Bogan)*

Adding pages to the IBWIki about the kings of Kemr. I think it is reaching critical mass.

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And When I Die by Blood Sweat & Tears

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Now if I wanted to be evil to Southern Dave I could point out that the IBWiki has a Superhero page.

Latest favorite monarch would have to be the one who lived and died by his own marrows.