New Zealand’s leading opposition party plums the depths of silliness by appointing a shadow minister of Political Correctness Irradication. No free steak knives anymore! Imagine it: the Shadow Ministry of Political Incorrections! Where’s the application forms for that department?! I wanna apply for a job! The media are having a field day. Whose shadow is this guy cast from? Apparently they are targetting women and maori – the ministry of youth is an acceptable mainstream New Zealand minority.

Classic quote from one Tory commentator: “The disabled will have to learn that it’s a tough world out there”. If anyone knows about a fund to sponsor the first bus to hit Alan Duff would they let me know. I contribute a fiver.

EFTPOS machines in New Zealand read Accepted. I have been told that in Australia they read Approved. Sounds rather big-brotherish. You Have Been Approved, Citizen. Have A Nice Day!