How many dice does it take to defeat Saruman?


Finished two essays for my final assignment of the year, with a total of 27 hundred words between them. I’m quite pleased with myself. On the last evening I was distracted by the critter below. He had a slow character generator. It proved to be great work denial. Cunning little beggar!

I visited the display of Japanese art at the Art Gallery. In one room there was a intricately carved toggles that a gentleman would attach to a little seal case he then could tuck into his kimono sash. I was reminded of Doobious while I was admiring them. I want to go back for another browse because one of the other rooms had individual drawings of the umpteen dozen Ronin. Then a visit to the museum to see the display of kimonos themselves.

Upstairs there was a display of clockwork art. One of them was made of feathers on individual stems, they would circle out like a fan and close again. Ye gods, I thought, it’s a remade bird. (I recommend reading the any of the New Crobuzon novels by China Miéville to understand how disturbing I found that thought.)

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A farewell at the School of Ministry for Elaine. She has been the Registrar there for a generation as 400 ministers passed through their training. Her final day will be at the end of the month. A couple more people asked after Stack, including Leeanne from Wellington. Don’t know what she is doing down here. I suggested she try his account. Don’t know if she will remember that, not my problem.