I found this quiz on Taniwha’s Journal. First result: Humanist. Hmm, interesting. So what if I change some of the answers for a given value of true. Some metaphors are valuable in my worldview, so long as they are not treated as literal. Second result: Spiritual.

By now I was curious to meet my alter-ego. I reversed all my answers. Third result: Judeo-Christian.

Anyone familiar with my religious practice will appreciate the irony.

My conclusion: a one-page quiz is insufficient to define into what religion I fit.

On other links, in December Southern Dave posted a link to a denouncement of the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, ‘the devil’s wisest fool’. He found the funniest page he read on the website was Page 4, which compares Turkish Delight to recreational drugs (who would have known?!). I confess an amusement for Page 7, which takes a popular chapter from Lewis’s works and makes it sound all ‘pervy’.

Please respect the author’s wish that Page 7 should not be read by anyone under 18. I suspect most minors who have better sense.

For the best results I think the underlined passages should be lingered over.