Went and saw X-Men 3. Enjoyed it. It sort of covered the Phoenix Saga without aliens, goblins or avatars of the life-force. Basically Psychic Girl comes back gruntily powerful and nobody can take her down. Several characters MIA. I’m told there was a final scene after the credits. We didn’t stay to see it.

I would like to see Pirates of the Caribbean II when it comes out. It looks like it will be a laugh.

Watched Idiot Lantern. ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ meets the ‘Man who wasn’t there’ (from Sapphire and Steel). Southern Dave will love it!

Latest volunteer from Work and Income New Zealand finished her last day at the archives today.


Today I posted a 1800 word essay to Open Polytechnic. It took me most of the day to complete it and I did not get into work today. After this I hope to have more free time as it is the last essay of the paper.

Southern Dave is visiting. He has been stocking up on books, cds and dvds.

The Regent Theatre 24 hour sale is on this weekend. I have been in once.

I watched Doctor Who: The Rise of the Cybermen last week. It took me ages to work out of whom the newly designed Cybermen reminded me. Then I got it — it’s Ultron, enemy of the Avengers.

One of the problems about listening to the Coast is that I think of ‘living on the Coast’ as areginounhóv. That’s just wrong for a radio network that plays music targeting the 40-59 age group.

Carrot Juice is Murder, by Arrogant Worms


Joe brought this song home. I consider it a song by Canadians who should get out more often. Actually, considering the lyrics perhaps they should get out less often, eh.

Carrot Juice is Murder

Demons into Darlings


Taniwhanui celebrated turning 35 with a party at the weekend. The theme was Demons into Darlings. Harry arrived on my doorstep to pick me up dressed as an industrial Goth. He suggested I take my cassock. There has to be someone to turn everyone into darlings. Taniwha lives in a set of residential flats in north Dunedin I have passed a number of times, not knowing anyone who lived there. The party was begun when we arrived. I was surprised at the number of people whom I knew: the ice pick murderer; the victorian couple (he made drinks); the Irish vagabound who used to work at the pet shop; Jackson (whom it seems everyone knows); the Czech in a top hat (that’s the third time I’ve met him when I’ve gone out); and members of Majellan, including the demonmask, among others.

Public Service Announcement

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Baldwin Street in Dunedin is celebrated as being the steepest street in the world. It can be found in North East Valley (NEV), which is the suburb next to Opoho. Baldwin Street climbs halfway up Signal Hill and comes effectively to a no exit. There are no streets running off Baldwin Street, it is lined by houses. It is effectively a residential street. Runners can get to the top and back again within two minutes — if they are very good. Every day tourist buses stop at Baldwin Street and people attempt to walk to the top of the street. Baldwin Street is well advertised in North East Valley. There is a former Post Office on the corner of a street about a block away which has been converted into a tourist shop. It sells certificates for people who have climbed to the top of the street and survived far enough to come into the shop and buy a certificate.

The reason why I mention is that I am regularly stopped as I walking down Signal Hill Road by cars of visitors which way is it to Baldwin Street. There is no connection from Signal Hill Road to Baldwin Street. The driver either has to turn around and go back down Opoho Road to the traffic lights and turn right onto North Road, or drive up Signal Hill Road and turn left at Blacks Road to drive down and turn onto North Road there.

Alternatively they could drive to the end of Signal Hill Road to the Centennial Monument at the top of the hill and enjoy the view of Otago Harbour. It’s a fantastic view up there. I don’t think you can see Baldwin Street from there. I don’t know if the boy racers enjoy the view. They seem to enjoy the ride up the hill by the noise that they make.