Today I posted a 1800 word essay to Open Polytechnic. It took me most of the day to complete it and I did not get into work today. After this I hope to have more free time as it is the last essay of the paper.

Southern Dave is visiting. He has been stocking up on books, cds and dvds.

The Regent Theatre 24 hour sale is on this weekend. I have been in once.

I watched Doctor Who: The Rise of the Cybermen last week. It took me ages to work out of whom the newly designed Cybermen reminded me. Then I got it — it’s Ultron, enemy of the Avengers.

One of the problems about listening to the Coast is that I think of ‘living on the Coast’ as areginounhóv. That’s just wrong for a radio network that plays music targeting the 40-59 age group.