Memento Mori


I have picked up a lurker who I don’t recognise. I hope he’s noble and not grey rot. I prefer what results from the first over the latter. Unseen and Miskatonic — now that’s an interesting combination. I couldn’t say how Waikato blends with those two, Cthmoolhoo country?

I'm not morbid. I happen to like this poem.



Pirates of the Caribbean 2 – spoiler warning

The Taxman Spammeth


Stayed home tonight. I could see as I came home from the gym that the paths were sparkly with frost. I told Karkehan that I would stay at home and do my tax return. It’s due tomorrow. Oops! I thought it wasn’t due until after the weekend, but no! He pointed out that I could do this online. It proved to be a breeze. I had it done and posted in little less than an hour. It would have been quicker if I didn’t have to add up the monthly interest on my Serious Saver account. I even printed the final form out and signed it for my own records as the website advised. The hard part will be when they wring money out of me. They always do. I’ve never figured out how they manage that. It’s the price to pay for having money.