I went with friends to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 last night. Slightly lacking in originality, everyone from the first movie appears, and I mean everyone, and several of the same gags in some variation or other. Still a fun action movie with nice special effects (bigger budget?)

It’s a darker movie than the first (but not by much), especially in the opening scenes. This may prove to be The Empire Strikes Back movie of the trilogy.

Johnny Depp still proves that he is a better actor than his co-stars, although Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley look pretty together. Jack Davenport gets a bigger role in this movie, and deservedly so.

I liked Davie Jones and his crew. Davie Jones was played by Bill Nighy with his head stuck up a squid. The crew, and the Flying Dutchman itself looked like armoured sea monsters that would not feel out of place in the floating city Armada from China Mieville’s The Scar.

The true villains of the piece are the agents of the East India Company. The dangling plotline is what does the East India Company want on the Island of the Dead. To discover that this viewer suspects he will have to wait for the third movie in order to find out! I hope it’s a Christmas release.

Brimstone makes a very nice vegetarian pizza, Central Park. I’ve had it twice now and I would order it again – even with olives (olives taste like snot!) Brimstone has this nice Friday night deal: medium-sized pizza and a pint of beer from the tap for $10. I can eat the pizza and walk away feeling full.