I have started working on editing the next edition of the Presbytery News for Dunedin Presbytery. It is slowly coming together. People in the presbytery are providing articles, photos and flyers to be included. I hope I can finish by next Friday. I’m still mastering text boxes. I haven’t figured out how to flow from one text box into another, but then, I haven’t read the help yet.

It’s not helped by the fact that Kmail on my linux box has corrupted, at least, it appears to have done so. Kmail is no longer reading the boundaries between email messages. On Cryp’s advice I have changed to using mutt, which has no such problems. I am reminded that I like mutt for its shininess. I miss Kmail’s links.

On another note:

boro, short for borogroves, a creature once described as mimsy.

park, a place for plants and animals, like borogroves.

pyro, someone who burns things down, an arsonist.

To quote Flanders and Swann, don’t you know that this is the last nesting place for mammoths in the whole of Wessex?!

Waves to Steg 🙂