I collected Fremen’s ashes today. When I got home I scattered them on the catnip plant. Fremen loved fresh catnip and would gnaw on the shoots that peeked through the wire. Later I had to go out and shoo away a cat that had pushed the wire off so it could sit on the plant. I think it is secure now.

The ashes were so small. They could have filled a toothpaste tube easily. At a previous scattering of ashes I put my hand into the stream blown into the wind and realised that is what we are; spirit and dust (the reader may choose to read that as wind or breath).

I have finished reading the Questionable Content productivity virus. Those made me laugh, I enjoyed the humour. It has been added to my RSS aggregator so I can keep up with the series. What’s more Trigan.com is back up so I can get my daily dose of The Trigan Empire. Yay for 1970s nostalgic juvenalia! I’m tempted to write an IBWiki page making them into a Brithenig comic. That would be a fun piece of homage.

I’m currently reading Starmaker by Olaf Stapleton. I picked it up a couple of years ago at the 24-hour book sale. I’m glad I did, it’s a wonderful piece of eschatological fiction. I think it would be hard to say that this kind of writing has been bettered since. Other writers have picked up on the theme of galactic evolution and the end of the universe. I don’t think that any later writer has added anything new that Stapleton wrote in the background of an age of global conflict. I guess his only precedent would have been HG Wells and the Time Machine. I must look out for a copy of Stapleton’s Future Men history.