Recently came across the name Oberon again. I have imagined in the past that this would be a good name for a fictitious biography. The name was originally the dwarf Alberich who appears in the Ring Cycle to reject love in favour of stealing the Rhine Maidens’ gold. His story is caught up with Siegmund, Siegfried and the dragon Fafnir.

The French pronounced his name as Oberon and, in that form, he arranged in English literature as the King of the Fairies. His queen adopted the crown name of Titania, the spirit of the immortal giants that rivaled the Olympian gods. Presumably this is to cover the fact that she is an Irish immigrant, one of the earliest in English lit. Her older name is Maeve, or Medb, a war-goddess of the Celts and a companion of the Morrigan.

Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream placed them as visitors to Athens, ruled by King Theseus in the golden age of Greek legend. Although other authors have picked up their story since, there is nothing that has been widely accepted in the canon of literature. I suspect that they have departed from this world when the gates of Faerie were sealed in the onset of the industrial age.

Must be someone around who can do something with that material.