The war of little empires came close to my workplace today, a struggle mostly irrelevant to the post-religious world in which it seems most people live. I work in the Presbyterian Archives, located in the wing of a college that contains two other Presbyterian institutions, a library and the church’s School of Ministry. The last, the School of Ministry, holds regular chapel services. With the majority of the teaching staff away these are led by a smaller number of people.

Among these people is the Principal’s Personal Assistant, whom I consider to be a very lovely and gentle man, a theologically trained Anglican who immigrated to New Zealand from South Africa. Unfortunately he happens to be gay and committed to his partner who travelled to New Zealand with him. In the post-Assembly environment some of our more evangelical ordinands have objected to him leading chapel worship, and are making life difficult. Apparently this week another staff member had to step in this week to take chapel. He gave the ordinands a serious telling off. They considered having a demonstration outside the college gates to express their own feelings, but it never eventuated. The petty battles of being part of a religious sub-culture!

All very embarrassing for the ordinands and others of a more inclusive church life.

I found my rainbow ribbon in my desk drawer at home, and a safety pin. I’m inclined to fix them up and wear them tomorrow at work, discreetly.