I went and saw this film last night. It’s very pretty. The sets of near-future Paris are beautifully rendered in black and white — truly the city of lights. The cartoonists do pretty snow flakes and rain too.

Unfortunately I can’t say much that’s nice for the story itself. The characterisation is cold to the point of being dull. About as exciting as the Final Fantasy movie or any Aeon Flux episode. (Okay, maybe less memorable than any Aeon Flux episode that I tolerated to watch!)

Some hints for Majellan: the detective has a bionic eye; Avalon Corporation could be Chaugrad. The Parisians all have Algerian and Central Asian names. There’s a hint of a war about a decade earlier, but no details. I would suspect by the characters who were caught up in it that it happened in Central Asia.

The ending might appeal to Film Noir fans, I left feeling disappointed. There was no original twist behind its ideas and I felt it had been done better elsewhere (even Highlander II). I left feeling disappointed. This movie is about as hip and exciting as the skin texture on black coffee.

A look at the Internet Movie Data Base suggests that I am not the only one who thinks this.