I see the new uniform for the Tirau library is now available.

I bought a copy of The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko (not the Discworld title) and read it this weekend. Different from the movie, the plot-line in the movie is one of three novellas in this book. What it lacks in visual effects it makes up for in dialogue on the nature of the struggle between the Light and the Dark. The ending is different to the movie adaption. I did not know that this book had been translated from Russian until I was told so by a rabbi. Learning Russian to find out what changed in translation would still be tempting. I must loan it to the Research Assistant next week when she gets back from Australia.

I see the Guy Fawkes debate has started up again. I usually enjoy Guy Fawkes night. It’s so sparkly. I don’t buy fireworks and I’ve never been harmed by them. I am concerned that my flat could be effected by dangerous use of fireworks — it’s a dry season and there have been two scrub fires on Signal Hill already. People forget what we are celebrating. Four hundred years ago a group of (Catholic) religious terrorists were arrested for trying to blow up government buildings. They were held without trial and several of them died in custody. At the time it was seen as a great victory for national security.