The death toll incleases. Last week I went to the funeral of a nonogenerian classicist in Greek and Maori with an interest in cosmogony. It was a big funeral with people attending from the churches, te Tumu and retired academics and classicists. A women, whom I have it on good repute, once struck up a conversation with the opening line, “Tell me, what do you think of chaos theory?”!!!

I also heard from the cleaning staff that Patty Costello, the husband of Pixie, died at the weekend. His funeral mass will be at St. Bernadette’s tomorrow. (This has been a friend’s service announcement for the one person on my friends’ list who would know the Costellos.)

I went and saw Out of the Blue last Friday. Certain people will enjoy the background music. Of course certain people are sufficiently anorak to know that Dunedin local radio wouldn’t be playing The Chills at that particular hour of the day! The story, for anyone knowledgeable of the Aramoana Massacre, is tragic. There is something disturbing about watching a tragic movie that happened just up the road and over the hill from where I live, at the end of Otago Peninsula, a place I have visited a couple of times. As I don’t drive at all, or travel much, I don’t see these places often. This is probably why the ancient Greeks forbade tragic plays about events that happened in living memory.