Hogfather: Auntie Beeb’s first attempt at doing live-acting Pratchett. Unfortunately the first episode is dull, full of pauses as the camera lingers over the characters in their settings. Part two picks up and sets a good pace. Marc Warren as Mr. Teatime is a creepy performance. Joss Ackland embodies Mustrum Ridcully, he deserves special mention.

Heroes: watched eleven episodes of this during the day until midnight. Curiously addictive. Miniseries characters suddenly find out they have comic book hero abilities: flight, telepathy, regeneration, etc. I was distracted by figuring out which X-Man mutant ability was emerging in each character: the guy jumping off a building turned out to be Rogue; his brother seems to be Northstar; the cheerleader is Wolverine; nobody’s noticed that the little kid is Forge; I also think I saw Shadowcat. No sign of Cipher/Douglock (pity). I noticed at least one comic book creator listed in the executive producer credits (Jeph Loeb).