About 10 years ago Southern Dave and I set out to write a fantasy. It was a comic fantasy, a la Discworld. We got about halfway through before we abandoned the project. No poor achievement as we wrote 21 chapters and forests died for our printouts. I would write half a chapter and mail it to Dave in Invercargill. He would type it up, add another half chapter and post it back to me in Dunedin.

The conceit of Hypercronius is that if the world is flat and surrounded by Ocean, then Ocean could be potentially infinite and populated by unknown worlds. As a poet put it, ‘Simply by sailing in a new direction You could enlarge the world’. (Curnow, Landfall in Unknown Seas.)

My reason for mentioning this is that I have posted Presters1.html, the introductory chapter, on my website, A Hobbit’s Delving. You may find a link to my homepages from this journal, although I have yet to post a link Hypercronius to my front page. The reader should be clever enough to find the address. It’s rough material, unedited, and being derivative, unlikely to be published anywhere else.

Maybe some day I will put together a group of people and see if I can run a GURPS campaign there.