After reading about 8 Tribes: The Hidden Classes of New Zealand I decided to take a visit to 8 Tribes and identify my tribes. I already suspected that I wasn’t purely one tribe. The result both raised my eyebrows and made me laugh:

Your dominant tribes are Grey Lynn and Balclutha

A double dose of the Calvinist underpinnings of New Zealand society, people with this tribal profile are often highly principled and unpretentious.

The Grey Lynn Tribe – Intellectual

The highly educated intelligentsia who value ideas above material things and intellectualise every element of their lives. Their most prized possession is a painting by the artist of the moment, they frequent film festivals, secretly wish they had more gay and Maori friends, feel guilty about discussing property values and deep down are uneasy about their passion for rugby.

The Balclutha Tribe – Staunch

The Tribal Mind of the Kiwi heartland, the provincial conservatives, who see themselves as a source of stability and commonsense, bearers of on-going connection with the land solid, reliable and down to earth, but also deceptively smart.

A double scoop of Calvinism (Mmmmmm!) Both are between 20 and 30%; the Grey Lynn tribe is higher, about 27 to Balclutha’s 23%. I was expecting a stronger showing of Otara or Raglan — both are about 18%. Cuba Street is 9% and North Shore 5% Remuera and Papatoetoe don’t even score.

A provincial who aspires to intellectualism. I should have guessed it! Must track down a copy of the book and read it.

Update January 2 2014: As this link is still active I’ve done the test again.  I have read the book. and I can be more informed in answering its quiz.  Now I’m Ponsonby, the cosmopolitan tribe, who walk lightly on the earth in designer shoes.  Do McKinlays count as designer shoes?  I’m going to miss my Grey Lynn/Balclutha roots!