Sick Leave

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This would have to be one of the quickest viruses around. This morning I went to work and suffered multiple visits to the toilet as my bowels voided themselves on the half hour. After morning tea I emptied my stomach — impressive projectile vomiting — most of which made the toilet bowl. It’s the first time in years that I’ve suffered symptons like this. A visit to the doctor was in order. I notified the cleaning manager that one of the cubicles needed cleaning and left work early.

Unfortunately it’s Otago Anniversary and the only medical centre open was the Urgent Doctors. They didn’t pick up on the fact that I had a bout of diarrhoea and vomiting and left me sitting around for 2 hours while more ‘urgent’ cases were handled before me. (I think that there may be disciplining.) The doctor diagnosed it as a viral infection and I should recover. My flatmate made a pasta for tea and I have kept that down. General body pain has disappeared and the headache I had earlier is now quite mild. I am supposed to attend a Seminar on Digital Preservation tomorrow. I think I will stay away. Just In Case. Besides I have to take the Easter edition of the Presbytery News into Speedprint.

The good news about workplaces is that I’m only a borderline certified arsehole with a score of 7.

British Airways: From here to eternity


This link turned up in my RSS Feeds. It was morbid enough that people were wondering about what I was laughing. That is one unsympathetic passenger who got his trip ruined (well actually two passengers had their journeys ruined!)

I’m wondering about reanimated grannies lurching about First Class now.

Hot Fuzz

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I think this one could be called, y’know, West Country Gothic, innit. I heard Simon Pegg on National Radio describing it as “Lethal Weapon Meets Miss Marples”. Yeap.

First half is a bit slow; second part climaxes in a action comedy taken to high levels of silliness. I laughed. I don’t know if this kind of humour will translate to an American market. I will have to check for comments at The leads, Simon Pegg and the other bloke prove that they are not stuck in playing Shaun and Ed forever, and more walk-ons than you could shake a stick at, and more than I could identity.

I wonder if Idea and Design Works will do a comic book adaption as they did for ”Shaun of the Dead”. I will have to watch out for it.

Currently reading ”Bridge to Terabithia” in case I go see the movie adaption coming out in June. First time I’ve read it. Very sweet book. The descriptions are a little dated. What I’ve seen of preview pictures look like that they have updated it for a modern audience. That makes sense.

I’ve skimmed through the book a couple of times, but I haven’t read to the death scenes. Fans of the book seem to be concerned that it will be made into a eucatastrophe by fluffy movie makers. I will wait and see.

In memory

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I visited the hospital a couple of times over the last few weeks because one of my flatmates injured himself falling out of the sky. One weekend I saw other friends who were there as their mother was in hospital. Sadly she died at the end of last week. I attended the funeral this morning. A remarkable woman, she was one of the first women to graduate from Otago University as a lawyer. Instead of going directly into law she married her boyfriend and raised a young family. She was received to the bar in 1930,
One of her sons was gay, and as a lifelong member of Caversham Presbyterian Church she graciously told their conservative leadership when she dissented from their views. It was an inspiring and moving farewell to a lady. She was ninety-six.

Good-bye Marion.

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I finished reading The Hollow Men by Nicky Hager last night. Quite a fascinating read about how the New Zealand National Party has been hijacked by an unprincipled clique with a hard right agenda. Their takeover of the leadership of the party was coordinated. They have no loyalty to that party, despising its members and each other; they are contemptable to the voting public — considering them ‘punters’; and their attitude towards women is simply slimey. I am impressed with this book — it ties in with historic events. The general public will never know the complete truth of how events happened, this book is sufficiently thorough in its investigation through material that was given to Hager to give a good idea. Those people have been hurt by its publication — their appointed leader was toppled — but they are still in control of the party.

Hager will be speaking on The Hollow Men in the evening of Wednesday 14th inst. at the College of Education Auditorium.

No slur is implied on certain readers through mentioning this title.