I finished reading The Hollow Men by Nicky Hager last night. Quite a fascinating read about how the New Zealand National Party has been hijacked by an unprincipled clique with a hard right agenda. Their takeover of the leadership of the party was coordinated. They have no loyalty to that party, despising its members and each other; they are contemptable to the voting public — considering them ‘punters’; and their attitude towards women is simply slimey. I am impressed with this book — it ties in with historic events. The general public will never know the complete truth of how events happened, this book is sufficiently thorough in its investigation through material that was given to Hager to give a good idea. Those people have been hurt by its publication — their appointed leader was toppled — but they are still in control of the party.

Hager will be speaking on The Hollow Men in the evening of Wednesday 14th inst. at the College of Education Auditorium.

No slur is implied on certain readers through mentioning this title.