I think this one could be called, y’know, West Country Gothic, innit. I heard Simon Pegg on National Radio describing it as “Lethal Weapon Meets Miss Marples”. Yeap.

First half is a bit slow; second part climaxes in a action comedy taken to high levels of silliness. I laughed. I don’t know if this kind of humour will translate to an American market. I will have to check for comments at IMDB.com. The leads, Simon Pegg and the other bloke prove that they are not stuck in playing Shaun and Ed forever, and more walk-ons than you could shake a stick at, and more than I could identity.

I wonder if Idea and Design Works will do a comic book adaption as they did for ”Shaun of the Dead”. I will have to watch out for it.

Currently reading ”Bridge to Terabithia” in case I go see the movie adaption coming out in June. First time I’ve read it. Very sweet book. The descriptions are a little dated. What I’ve seen of preview pictures look like that they have updated it for a modern audience. That makes sense.

I’ve skimmed through the book a couple of times, but I haven’t read to the death scenes. Fans of the book seem to be concerned that it will be made into a eucatastrophe by fluffy movie makers. I will wait and see.