This would have to be one of the quickest viruses around. This morning I went to work and suffered multiple visits to the toilet as my bowels voided themselves on the half hour. After morning tea I emptied my stomach — impressive projectile vomiting — most of which made the toilet bowl. It’s the first time in years that I’ve suffered symptons like this. A visit to the doctor was in order. I notified the cleaning manager that one of the cubicles needed cleaning and left work early.

Unfortunately it’s Otago Anniversary and the only medical centre open was the Urgent Doctors. They didn’t pick up on the fact that I had a bout of diarrhoea and vomiting and left me sitting around for 2 hours while more ‘urgent’ cases were handled before me. (I think that there may be disciplining.) The doctor diagnosed it as a viral infection and I should recover. My flatmate made a pasta for tea and I have kept that down. General body pain has disappeared and the headache I had earlier is now quite mild. I am supposed to attend a Seminar on Digital Preservation tomorrow. I think I will stay away. Just In Case. Besides I have to take the Easter edition of the Presbytery News into Speedprint.

The good news about workplaces is that I’m only a borderline certified arsehole with a score of 7.