…A young guy with suspiciously red eyes and a girl in a scarlet dress. He was kissing her hand. And the action after that was like a good thriller — complete with slashing wolf’s jaws and all the rest. The moment I really enjoyed was when the young guy, who for some reason was now dressed in the girl’s scarlet dress, came into a ballroom and then split apart into several wolves. And I liked the final shot, when the girl’s eyes glinted as she surveyed her guests.

Hmm. Well, whoever made that didn’t know too much about shape-shifting Others…But the video was well done, you couldn’t deny that. The werewolves must all have chipped in to pay the producer and influenced the musicians — and what they’d got was a slick, romantic video about themselves. The Russian vampires had don the same thing only just recently.

I remembered the name of the group — Rammstein — for future reference, so that I’d be able to find the song and listen to it more carefully.

It amuses me to think that this video probably does exist. I will have to get somebody with better running animation than me (I can’t be arsed to maintain it) to show it to me.

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