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I was asked for an update so here’s some recent scenes from my life. In bullet points; I haven’t done bullet points on Livejournal so let’s see if it works:

  • I went to see The Mikado by Gilbert and Sullivan. My first night at a musical in decades. It was fun — I had a nostalgia rush!
  • I sat down with a friend and we watched Kill Bill I & II in one evening. I still haven’t figured out if the audience should be cheering for the Bride. She is an ambivalent protagonist
  • I went to a lecture by visiting author, Michael Ruse, The Evolution Wars.
  • My mother visited. She parked her car in the Aquinas College Carpark by the lodge (which neighbours our flat) and had to leave it there for two nights because the snow came and the driveway was too icy to risk getting out. Two staff cars in nearby car parks slid into each other and it took just as long to remove them as well. (Mum has learnt where our guest carpark is now, down the bottom of the driveway.)
  • The Midwinter celebrations in the Octogan were postponed for snowy weather, then cancelled for windy weather until next year. So I’m hoping that there will be Matariki (Maori New Year) celebrations in the Octogon in July
  • I compiled my notes on verbs for an imaginary eclectic language from paper to html on my computer. The ideas that I randomly selected from grammar books is pushing my understanding of language design as I work on it. It’s heavy on the use of verbal nouns, including in the perfect tense, and I clued on a way how to use depreciatory verbs. It’s in hiatus at the moment as I work on the next edition of Dunedin Presbytery News. I will update my notes on Frath Wiki eventually.

I think that is every thing. Let’s see if this format works. Normal transmission will now resume.

BTW John Simm on Doctor Who: one of the most entertainingly camp villains I’ve seen in a long time! I hope they bring him back in a future season.

Scenes from my life with pictures, rated PG

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My flatmate has taken my family slides, scanned them and put them on a website. The result is fascinating as it contains memories and people I have not seen in over twenty years. Not only is the past a foreign country, but here are the postcards!

When I have time (yeah, right!) I will have to start identifying some of them.

Night Song of the Tower

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Winter. It’s dark.
Close the window.
Don’t let in
The last light.
How many winters of grief
For all the summers.
Fourth dream —
And afterwards
To choke a groan
With a handkerchief.
What century?
Ungifted calculation.
The snow is like bleach
And burns the eyes.
Breathe calmer!
Don’t dare! Don’t dare!

— Irina Ratuchinskaya.

Hmmmm, weird force is strong in this one….


Stolen from L'Enfant de Jeu