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Back to the Archives and Records Administrator position at the Southland District Council using KWord I have started working on editing the next edition of the Presbytery News into Speedprint.

The good news about workplaces is that I’m only a borderline certified arsehole with a score of 7.

Autumn Testament 46, by JK Baxter

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After writing for an hour in the presbytery
I visit the church, that dark loft of god,

And make my way uphill. The grass is soaking my trousers,
The night dark, the rain falling out of the night,

And the old fears walk side by side with me
Either the heavy thump of an apple

Hitting the ground, or the creaking of the trees,
Or the presence of two graveyards,

The new one at the house, the old one on the hill
That I have never entered. Heaven is light

And Hell is darkness, so the Christmen say,
But this dark is the belly of the whale

In which I, Jonah, have to make my journey
Till the fear has gone. Fear is the only enemy.

(Thinking mindfully of Colin and Maria)

Just for a lighter moment


Warning: Content May Contain Cat Macro

You can find anything on the internet


This link to Nik’s journal may need to be diseminated more widely. Essentially some conservative fruitcake is arguing:

a. George W. Bush is unpopular for making ‘wise’ choices then he should be made President-for-Life (or at least a third term — which may be the same thing);

b. If Iraq is going to continue to be bad guys then their nation-state should be nuked until they comply with the Emperor of the Free World’s ‘wisdom’.

America’s current leaders seem to want to make it the Assyria of the modern age; the instrument of a military/industrial god.

Dylan Thomas in Brithenig

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Ngweddent rhen gwil i lla noeth fon llâ,
Edad wegl ardderew e ddilirarew a tharfin di ddiwrn;
Siath ffyriws contr lla forth di’ll llyġ.

Benc ôn ddoeth a sew tarfin sabent yscyr es druith,
Perch llo sew pharol h-an fforchad no ffulyer ys
Ngweddent rhen gwil i lla noeth fon llâ.

Ôn fon, lla un yllif a buis, cridan ke si clar
Llo sew h-ober ffrael h-afrewn dansad in yn fai wirdd,
Siath ffyriws contr lla forth di’ll llyġ.

Ôn fraw, ke gheithafant e channafant ill sul i ngwol,
E h-affrênent, tan di dardd, ys llo buinafant subr sew modd,
Ngweddent rhen gwil i lla noeth fon llâ.

Ôn seir , ke widden cu ngwist friliant
Llo h-ogl geg phoderewnt fflamar fil meteor e h-esser gwiwaġ,
Siath ffyriws contr lla forth di’ll llyġ.

E thy, mew padr, llâ subr lla allyr drist,
Maldigeth, bendigeth, mi agur cu llo ‘wstr llagref fferuġ, eo breg.
Ngwa rhen gwil i lla noeth fon llâ.
Siath ffyriws contr lla forth di’ll llyġ.


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I just found a link that says Joss Whedon and the BBC are going to do Ripper.

O, cruel optimism!