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A link took me to Elena Filatova’s website, Ukrainian biker-girl, and one of the few people who have explored the hinterlands of Chernobyl. It has been a couple of years since I looked at these pages and there is new material. It is beautiful, literate, and tragically sad.

I wonder if I was in the same situation as the evacuatees whether I would return to find my cat even though it would kill me like it has killed those who returned to Chernobyl. It would lie on my conscience if I did not.

WARNING: download-heavy pages.

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Everyone is out, which is a nice change. For the first time in ages I enjoyed a meal of liver and bacon and tomato. It was delicious and easy to cook — fortunate as it is the first time I’ve ever attempted to cook it! I was pleased to discover that unlike paua or muttonbird this is one childhood treat for which I haven’t lost the taste. (No correspondence will be entered into with you whimps who don’t enjoy liver as that means more for me!)

Now for a glass of wine. Mmmmmm!

I went and saw Stardust. It proved one thing: I am probably in the minority of the planet who think Neil Gaiman is overrated. He proved successful as the comic book writer of Sandman. The novels that I have attempted to read, including Stardust have left me unconvinced that he is a author of note. Characters remain true to archetype without eliciting any sympathy from me as a reader. The movie had Michelle Pfeiffer having fun hamming it up as a ‘bad girl’; and Robert de Niro stole the movie as the captain of a band of sky pirates. Other than that it struck me as a perfectly nice piece of eye candy.

New Line are promoting The Golden Compass as from the same people who produced Lord of the Rings. A little ironic as I understand New Line and Weta have parted ways. The technical effects look stylistically different to me from the trailer.

On the other hand, Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel…

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Once I get tonight’s Local Candidates’ Meeting out of the way then my sanity levels should be about tolerable.

There’s still all of the Presbytery Newsletters to post out. I should survive that.

On the positive side I saw the rugs that one parishioners is displaying at church. Simply gorgeous! Lots of reds and dark colours. She has been weaving them since the 1980s, and will be giving a talk on them on Monday evening.

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While we have had to compromise, time is on our side. What we have lost yet might be regained.

St Margaret's Annual Concert tonight for Friend-Link.

Southern Dave, if you go looking for me tomorrow I wi ll be in and out most of the day so you may not catch me at home. I’ve read The Demolished Man, you loaned it to me years ago. Enjoy the Grutness Exhibition; it got a good article in the paper.

Sunday: planning for a local candidates meeting at Opoho Church; 7.30 pm if anyone’s interested.

…and lo! it did get worse!


They told us that if we were prepared to compromise we would at least part of what we wanted. So we did, and so far we have lost half the original space that was offered to us.


Turns out I won’t be at the next Majellan session; as I am going to the Focal Conference.


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I have been out doing a pamphlet drop for Soulspace, a series of ambient Christian meditations being put on at Opoho Church.

What I’m writing next is promotion, skip to the next entry if it is not your schtick.

Give your soul some space. Cluttered daily lives give little room for our souls to breathe. Treat your soul to soulspace.

This week, walk the labyrinth, slowly moving to the centre give your soul time to centre. (Do not fear, you cannot get lost)

If you wish, stay for discussion over coffee and hot chocolate on the great labyrinth walkers: Frodo and Sam; Harry Potter and Jesus Christ.

Soulspace. Opoho Church Hall, corner of Signal Hill Road and Farquharson Street.

7-8.30 pm Sunday 9 September

Thank you if you got this far. I like the practice of walking the labyrinthine spiral. It is the practice of following one’s breath into the centre, and out again.

Top Fifty SF Books Meme


Highlight the titles you’ve read!

It’s a meme, stolen from Nik. I’m surprised at what he hasn’t read. Here’s my list

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It looks like I will be heading to a funeral again this week. A woman from the Opoho parish had two strokes this week and died on Saturday morning. Sadly her husband survives her, a retired minister, and he is wheelchair-bound. It looks as if he will probably have to go into a home so that he receives the care that he needs.

One of the downsides for being religious in a post-Christian nation is that I attend more funerals than other rites of passage: christenings, confirmations, weddings…

At least there’s catering!