I have been out doing a pamphlet drop for Soulspace, a series of ambient Christian meditations being put on at Opoho Church.

What I’m writing next is promotion, skip to the next entry if it is not your schtick.

Give your soul some space. Cluttered daily lives give little room for our souls to breathe. Treat your soul to soulspace.

This week, walk the labyrinth, slowly moving to the centre give your soul time to centre. (Do not fear, you cannot get lost)

If you wish, stay for discussion over coffee and hot chocolate on the great labyrinth walkers: Frodo and Sam; Harry Potter and Jesus Christ.

Soulspace. Opoho Church Hall, corner of Signal Hill Road and Farquharson Street.

7-8.30 pm Sunday 9 September

Thank you if you got this far. I like the practice of walking the labyrinthine spiral. It is the practice of following one’s breath into the centre, and out again.